Richard "Dick" Driver aka slicer3 Has Resurfaced!

Truely sorry for lack of administration of this blog, I have been alerted Mr. Richard Driver aka slicer3 is defrauding once again.

I logged into the blog this weekend to see if there was any activity and I received this message from Mr. X:
Richard last sighted at At 1420 Crescent St. Montreal, QC H3G 2B7 apt # 1405, Bastard owes me $1600
Other messages contained information that Dick has been trying to scam landlords out of rent money in Montreal.

Linked are the Craigslist postings.

This man will never give up his schemes. Mr. Richard Driver will always be lurking.

Moreover, it was brought to attention, Mr. Sevaan Simon, slicer's assistant, has asserted numerous times during prior months, declaring he had no firsthand knowledge of Mr. Driver's "Warrior Coaching" scam and has requested the posting about him removed from this blog. For now it will be obilged and pulled down, he gets the benefit of doubt.

Mr. Simon states his non-involvement but let the facts be noted.
1. He was slicer's assistant.
2. slicer used Mr. Simon's Paypal account collect funds.
3. No one received refunds after everything exploded in slicer's face.

Those three actualities can not be disputed.

Seperate good news, Internet Archive has reindexed our previous posts made on Dick's beguiling in 2010.

View more history on Mr. Richard Driver.


UPDATE: slicer3 aka Richard Driver Banned From BHT

The game is finally over for Mr. Driver at It was a wise choice for that community to come together and dispose of that slimy grifter.

You can read about it on the following thread ---

By the looks of it, Mr. Driver has garnished well into the five-figures from --- WSO Launch Coaching Scam --- and his Kajabi scam as a number of victims are already coming forward.

(I became a member of BHT this morning and since the cat is out of the bag, I want to post an introductory message on BHT about this whole ordeal but BHT requires 24 hours before you can post.)

I have deeper details on Mr. Driver and I may be able to assist some of his current victims with PayPal disputes.

If you would like to discuss getting your money back or want to talk more about Richard, you can either send me a Private Message at BHT --- EricG --- or if you wish to communicate privately, outside of the forum, please use form on this blog.

I promise to keep all of our conversations strictly confidential.

I urge all of his current victims to not be embarrassed and to speak up. Any information pertaining to his scams will be helpful for future victims. There is a comment section on this blog where you may also post your dealings.


Richard Driver is out of the woods and is scamming people once again. Richard has scammed many over the years to feed his filthy black soul.

We are truly sorry this blog went dormant and was taken offline. We let our guard down and scammers such as Richard Driver will always wait in the background searching for opportune time to strike.

We have copies of all of the old content and will be updating it in the near future.

For now, please visit our other blog containing an update of Richard's current scams.

UPDATE: Richard hacked the blog but not to worry, click below for a copy.

Beware Richard Driver!

Read more about Richard's scams at these fine forums and sites. You will notice that Mr. Richard Driver has been scamming internet marketing newbies since the turn of the century:;topic=461.0;num_replies=8;topic=461.0;num_replies=8

UPDATE: Richard Driver has just been made Admin at Richard's username at is slicer3. Be on the lookout at for Mr. Driver, as slicer3offering free services and then asking for money for "coaching" or "advanced training". This man is up to no good and has, once again, conned his way to become Admin of another internet marketing forum.

He is currently running a "Free Kajabi Account Scam" you can read more about it here:

I'd trust a circus monkey before Richard Driver.
Make sure that you have nothing to do with this guy…EVER!

You have been warned!

I invite you to also post comments and share with the users how this snake got you.